menut-previewMenut Cabaret

Menut Cabaret is a performance created especially to introduce young children to the world of theatre.

The performance is a celebration of Play, created as a reaction to the rise of digital culture, iPads and smartphones, a world where increasingly everything is provided to children in an instant. A world where thought, discovery and imagination are becoming less important on a daily basis.

Menut Cabaret has been created to show that no matter how big a child you are, it is still important to play.

In creating this performance for young audiences, we turned away from the traditional narrative of Beginning , Middle and End, this is an adult invention. We wish to speak to children in their own language, the language of Play, Improvisation and Imagination.

Exploring various themes and concepts, Menut Cabaret looks at the notions of growing up, the busy world of adults, the seasons and the realm of the imagination.

The performance is specifically designed to stimulate the invention and discovery that is key to a child’s development through play.

Menut Cabaret, uses the narrative structure of free play, where one idea can lead to the next, or out of a moment of boredom a completely new idea pops into your head, all presented as an interconnected series of vignettes.

From observing children over 20+ years of work, we wished to capture this ability to create something small and beautiful, simply using every day objects and toys found at home, and how these can be used to create a new and fantastical world.

Menut Cabaret has performed over 100 performances in Europe and Asia since it’s creation in 2013. Continually listening to the audience and evolving. The reaction form Children is always one of complete understanding, It’s the adults that have to work hard to remember that lost world of play and imagination.

Among others, Menut Cabaret has performed at: Fundacio Joan Miro – Barcelona, Matadero Madrid, Fira Tarrega, Fira de titelles i teatro visual -Lleida, Children’s Micro theatre programme, Chonqing Grand theatre and Nanshan Cultural Centre – China.

Theatre without Words

Duration 45 minutes

Ages 3+

Theatre venues upto 150 seats.